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Open House: The Future of Food Industry

Collaborating Robots – even in your company?

How can robots support sustainable production chains in food industry?

Can collaborating robots increase your company’s competitiveness?

Can collaborating robots compensate for a lack of skilled workers in your region?

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We invite you to discuss all this and more in an open dialog! You will also be able to experience yourself what it means to handle a collaborating industry robot. This is your chance to get a firmer grasp on the near infinite potential this game-changing technology holds.

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Due to the ongoing pandemic we ask all attendees to register beforehand.

Did you ever feel like your interest and motivation for robotics has been stumped by how inadequate available resources are for your company? We have designed a short survey (in German) specifically targeted at food industry to better understand what you need and how we can support you best!


Sep 03 2021


13:00 - 16:00