Operator for Tactile Robotics (IHK) – for Trainees (BBS Neustadt)

BBS Neustadt Interview 02/2020
(This picture was taken before the eruption of COVID-19)

For apprentices of theBBS Neustadt am Rübenberge we have provided the school with an adapted course. This course was integrated by the dedicated teachers as a curriculum in the following apprenticeships:

  • industrial mechanic
  • electronic technician
  • Electronics technician in automation (Industry and craft)
  • Mechatronics engineer

To obtain the IHK certificate, 10 additional hours of instruction must be completed, which take place outside of regular class times. Upon successful completion and payment of the fee (either by the company or the apprentices him/herself), apprentices receive an IHK certificate “Operators of collaborative robots” in the 3rd year of training.

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*NOTE: In order to strengthen trainees and companies in our region, we are currently waiving our license fee completely, so that only 55 €** fees are incurred for the IHK certificate.

**If you would like to participate in the course, but the payment of the fees for the IHK certificate in the amount of 55 € is currently a problem for you, please contact us. We will find a solution!

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Aug 01 2021 - Jul 31 2023