As a non-profit foundation, we work open to technology. Although, of course, with the equipment available to us, we can only map a small part of all available robots, it is important to us to be able to offer our students an in-depth insight into the world of robotics!

Our team has extensive know-how and broad expertise in the handling of various (industrial) robots. The following robots are currently available for our training courses in our facility:

FrankaName: Franka
Manufacturer: Franka Emika GmbH
Origin: Germany
Type: Collaborating Industrial Robot
Application: Industry, Research and Education
Features: 7 Joints, exceptionally sensitive, compliant
SawyerName: Sawyer
Manufacturer: Rethink Robotics
Origin: USA
Type: Collaborating Industrial Robot
Application: Industry & Research
Features: 7 joints, sensitive, exceptionally compliant
Niryo OneName: Niryo One/Ned
Manufacturer: Niryo
Origin: France
Type: Desktop Robot
Application: Education
Features: 6 Joints
ClicbotName: Clicbot
Manufacturer: Keyirobot
Origin: China
Type: Toy Robot
Application: Education
Features: modular

In addition to the robots mentioned above, you can get to know robots from the following manufacturers in our training courses: