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New challenges

Nowadays companies are challenged by a wide and complex range of tasks in daily business and in specific circumstances like the Corona Pandemic. Small and large companies are forced to adapt their work processes and explore new paths. Digitisation and sustainability represent the current development. What role does robotics take in the current wave of digitization and what are the true reasons why an increasing number of companies tend to use collaborating robots?

Ecological awarenessAvoid long delivery distances for pre-processing steps.
Social awarenessOutsourcing of unhealthy work to countries of the 3rd World is worrisome in many ways.
Relieving the workload of specialistsMonotonous tasks are often physically and psychologically stressful and the skills of specialists are wasted.
Greater product diversityThe life cycles of products are continously getting shorter. The flexibility of production is therefore indispensable for an ever-evolving variety of products.
Increased productivity and reduced outagesThe optimization of processes saves resources which can be used elsewhere to create additional value.
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New solutions

New challenges require new solutions. Although robots are used in many large companies for decades, there is still a lack of prospects for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is mainly due to the high prices as well as the requirements for know-how and safety precautions.

By focusing on the interface between human and machine, collaborative robots can be seen as the logical further development of classic robots systems. Due to their reduced sizes, Cobots can’t be used to carry heavy weights like car bodies but as a great advantage these robots can be safely guided by hand. Protective fences, light barriers and other safety precautions can be eliminated due to the robot’s high security standards. This new kind of robots featuring an intuitive operation is even accessible to laypeople.

New ways

Whether you are still at the very beginning or you have already decided to use robots in your company, you will need the necessary know-how to manage this transformation in the best possible way. Robokind will gladly accompany your enterprise along this path and will be at your side with advice and assistance.

Through the stringent implementation of Vocational Training 4.0 in our company, we support apprentices who are enthusiastic about new technologies. Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in modern working life and are developing rapidly. Here it is important to stay on top of emerging technologies in order to remain competitive. That is why we are convinced that it is important to develop young talent in the field of robotics as well.

Carsten Campe
Head of the Vocational Training
enercity-Netz GmbH

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