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As the heir of all decisions of today and the designers of all decisions of tomorrow, students must be involved in current developments as early as possible in order to shape our future as responsible citizens.


In recent years, a large number of playful robots aimed at education have come onto the market (Aibo, Clicbot, Cozmo). These systems are suitable for entering robotics and learning programming skills, but do not have the human-like sense of touch of modern collaborative robots. But it is this sense of touch that will enable robots to use unprecedented applications in the future and is the first step towards embodied AI (embodied artificial intelligence). A transfer to real future industrial applications is therefore not possible with such playful robots. To fill this gap, we offer courses where children at a young age have the opportunity to work with real industrial robots with a sense of touch.

“My son took part in the robot driver’s license4Kids during the autumn holidays. He was absolutely thrilled and even made his own little robot, which he was allowed to take home. In addition to robotics theory, he was allowed to program a real industrial robot, which was the highlight of the course for him. Thanks to the Robokind Foundation team for this great opportunity!”

Jasmin N.

“For a week my daughter was able to work with robots and in the end she and her team even won first place in the robot competition! It gave her an incredible amount of joy. In addition to the fun of tinkering and programming the robot, she has also learned something meaningful here. Above all, the course offers an excellent opportunity to inspire girls in technology and computer science, which in turn inspires me as a mother.”

Mirja G.


The robot market is currently growing exponentially, so in a few decades there could be even more robots than humans – similar to smartphones! A familiar approach to robots will be important and early contact with the lowest possible entry hurdle is therefore indispensable.

Students can take part in various courses with us: