Jasmin Grischke Profile
Dr. med. Dent.
Jasmin Grischke, M. Sc.
Honorary Board Member and Project Manager

Philipp Zimmermann Profile
Philipp Zimmermann
Board of Directors

Sami Haddadin Profile
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Sami Haddadin
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Lukas Eich Profile
Lukas Eich, M. Sc.
Robotic Research & Development

Leif Griga
Dipl.-Des. Leif Griga
Research & Development / Visualizations

Nikolas Dahn Profile
Nikolas Dahn, M. Sc.
Research Associate

Marion Wicht Profile
Marion Wicht
Advisor & Office Manager

Isabel Winter Profile
Isabel Winter
Administrative employee and Public Relations

Johanna Held Profile
Johanna Held, M.A.
Educational Lead