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Robotics and AI for all people! That is the vision of the Robokind Foundation.

The non-profit Robokind Foundation was founded in 2018 by Professor Sami Haddadin. The goal of our foundation’s work is to enable access to robotics and artificial intelligence for all people, as these future technologies will continue to gain in importance. For this reason, we have launched many award-winning projects in recent years to introduce society and especially professionals to these technologies. Our current TROIA project focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises from Lower Saxony. Lower Saxony and the Hannover Region, under the umbrella brand Robotics City, support our projects. In addition to the local focus, our goal is to become more active with European partners in the area of research in the future.

Robokind: From the Region for Europe – Europe’s Benefit for the Region!

Tactile robotics in the work environment

Project TROIA is intended to strategically advance the process of translating robotics and AI into Lower Saxony’s businesses and companies.

Our awards

The non-profit Robokind Foundation has been awarded numerous prizes such as the Lower Saxony Innovation Prize and the award as Digital Landmark Lower Saxony.

Projects and topics

Our main funded projects include TROIA for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Robonatives Initiative and TROIA 1 for the field of medicine and care.

Through our foundation’s work, we were able to support the establishment of more robotics meeting places – the so-called robot factories – as well as award the seal of approval for robotics-affine schools under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

Our cooperation partners

Our sponsors

Die Projekte der Robokind Stiftung werden durch EU-, Landes- und Regionsmittel gefördert.